-About The Metro Umpires:

What We Do:
Metro Umpires provide sports officiating for Omaha and surrounding areas. In the year 2014 we begin our 25th season. Omaha is known for "Baseball Tournaments" for all teams from youth through adult leagues. Teams from all over the United States and other countries play in tournaments here. We supply umpires for all levels of play. If you are a Coach, Athletic Director, League Official, Scheduler, or Board Member tasked with the responsibility for providing baseball officials, please let us know if we can be of service to you
Our History:
The business, Metro Umpires, is owned and managed by Denny and Jan Jones. Since the early 70's Denny has sponsored and coached every level of play including Town Team, All-American and Over 30 Baseball. His coaching and playing career spans over 45 years in our community,
making him a knowledgeable and open-minded umpire chief. He
knows exactly what the players and coaches want in
objective game management.